28 Oct 2012

Deep Dive into Oracle ADF. Advanced Techniques.

In this post I would like to thank everyone, who managed to attend my session "Deep Dive into Oracle ADF. Advanced Techniques." at Oracle Open World 2012. Special thanks to those guys, who came to Marriott Marquis Golden Gate C2 on the last day of the conference not only to listen to me, and, perhaps, to learn something new, but to support me as well. It was my first (I hope not last :)) experience as a speaker at Oracle Open World.

I promised at the session that the presentation as well as the sample application would be available for download. You can download the presentation from the Oracle Content Catalog or you can use one of the following links:

The sample application can be downloaded here. It requires some database objects created in your database and necessary SQL scripts are included in the application. The application is developed using JDeveloper 11g R2 So, fill free to use and modify the source code and provided techniques to meet your own requirements.  



  1. Thank Mr Fedorenko for your document and sample application

  2. Do these dynamic features only work on R2 or were they supported on R1 as well. We needed this type of feature 5 years ago (pre-R1 release) and had to write our own search framework integrated into ADF for creating dynamic queries.

    1. All the features are supported on R1 as well except:
      - multiple dynamic region bindings used in the sample application
      - Passivation/Activation mechanism of dynamic VOs in R1 is a bit different and actually it doesn’t work properly

  3. Very nice post! Thanks a lot for sharing.

  4. It was nice article it was very useful for me as well as useful forOracle ADF learners. thanks for providing this valuable information.


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