30 Apr 2017

Shared View Object with Range Paging access mode

Recently I came across an interesting issue related to shared view object instances with range paging access mode.  So, there is a VO instance defined in a shared application module with the pagination feature on:

This shared VO instance is used in a view accessor

Well... It doesn't work.  The LOV's search dialog always shows only first (~50) records. It is impossible to scroll down and see the rest of records.

I am not sure if it is documented somewhere, but it makes sense. A shared view object is supposed to share its row sets with many clients. Obviously, with range paging access mode this concept just can't work as each client could have its own active range.

Actually, this is not a common use-case to switch on Range Paging access mode for shared VOs. Usually, range paging is used for VOs returning a great number of records, and this is not common for shared VOs providing some common reference data.  But, anyway,  just be aware of this behavior.

That's it!