20 Apr 2015

Altering LOV View Criteria on-the-fly

In this post I am going to show how we can programmatically modify a view criteria which is applied to the view accessor view object at the LOV's popup window.

Let's consider a simple example. There is a page with Employee LOV on it:

Besides Employee LOV there is Min Salary field on the page. This field stores its value in a managed bean property. Users use this field in order to force the Employee LOV to show only employees whose salary is not less than required. So, basically, if Min Salary is not empty, the LOV dialog should look like this:

The LOV's view object (VEmployees) has a corresponding view criteria VEmployeesCriteria:

What we're going to do is to set up at run-time the minimum salary value in the LOV's launchPopupListener:

 <af:inputListOfValues id="ilov1"

And a corresponding managed bean method is going to look like this:

public void lovPopupListener(LaunchPopupEvent launchPopupEvent) {
    UIXInputPopup lovComponent = (UIXInputPopup) launchPopupEvent.getSource();

    //Get LOV's View Criteria
    ListOfValuesModelImpl model = (ListOfValuesModelImpl) lovComponent.getModel();
    ViewCriteria vc = model.getCriteria();

    //Get first View Criteria Row
    ViewCriteriaRow vcr = (ViewCriteriaRow) vc.getRows().get(0);

    //Set up View Criteria Item
    vcr.setAttribute("Salary", getMinSalary())

The sample application for this post can be downloaded here. It requires JDeveloper 12.1.3.

That's it!

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  1. You saved my day! couldnt find anything as simple as this. Thanks in advance!


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