31 Oct 2014

Showing a Subset of Display Attributes in the Drop-down List with Combo box List of Values

Combo box List of Values (inputComboboxListOfValues) is supposed to be a very popular ADF Faces component for working with LOVs. Frankly speaking, this is my favorite approach when it comes to Lists of Values. In this short post I am going to focus on one feature which is often overlooked by ADF developers. If a LOV is defined by default, for example like this:

Then the framework will render the entire list of display attributes in the drop-down combo box and  in the search dialog. For the search form this is desired in our use-case. Basically, that's why all available attributes are selected. But, definitely, it would be better to show a bit shorter attribute list in the combo box. It is possible to define a subset of attributes to be shown in the drop-down list by using the Show in Combo Box option. We can specify the number of first attributes from the list to be rendered in the combo box:

Having done that, the LOV's behavior becomes more user-friendly.
Combo Box:

Search Dialog:
That's it!

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